Monday, January 6, 2014

First Carving of 2014

Winter is here, it was -10 degrees Fahrenheit this morning and only reached 4 degrees above for a high. Brrrrrr! A good day to stay in and carve. I started this realistic bust on Jan. 2, I took pics along the way to show progression of the carving. Hope you enjoy!

I start by band sawing the blank from a basswood block, and begin rounding off corners.


Next I carve the basic face structure and lay out the hair line. I remove wood from the back of the carving.

After drawing in the upper eyelid, I carve it with a small u-gouge. 

Then the same with the lower eyelid. Being careful not to make the eyes too large, a common problem with carvings.

Round the eyeball with detail knife and take a small wedge out of both corners of each eye. Carve in a bag under each eye. More detail to come later.

Rough in the dental mound and carve the mouth.

I have started to rough in the fur wrapped braids and separate the carving from the base.

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