Saturday, June 7, 2014

Carving an Eye

At this point in the carving I have shaped the eye mound. I use a #11 3mm to carve a deep hole between the nose and eye, this is the deepest point on the face. Carve a hole on the outer side of each eye and round the mound. I draw in a narrow eye, most eyes are carved too large making the carving look bug eyed or surprised. Try to match both eyes, if needed use a set of calipers. I use veiners to lay out the eyes, if you start with a knife you can not adjust the eyes to match without carving deeper than the stop cuts the knife made.
I use a #11 1mm to carve the eye.

Carve the eye in with a knife.
Match up the other eye.

Carve up to stop cut.
Same on the bottom of eye.
Make two stab cuts in the corner.

A third stab cut to pop out chip. 

The result.
Same cut on corners of eye.

Use the #11 3mm to lay in the lower eyelid.
Carve area for upper eyelid.

Use a #3 upside down for brow.

Draw in the bag below the eye.
Add character lines.
I used a v-tool to deepen eyelid cuts.


  1. Gorgeous! I tend to do much smaller carvings, but always have the hardest times with eyes so tend to cheat and make my Santas squinting because he's smiling so hard!

  2. Thanks for the comments! I use to do the same thing, and that's a good look for some carvings, especially Santa. But I found carving an eye is like anything else, the more you do the easier they are to carve.